Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Be careful

See you in the morning

Come home safe

Don't go

These are all the things I say when my husband leaves for work. He is a third shift Sergeant with our local police department. Third shift around here is overnight. 
This may be a rambling post but I have fought with it in my head for months now and I can't quite figure out how to write what I want to write and make it sound pretty for you. So this won't. This may sound sad, scared, proud, raw.....

Over the last few months we have seen an attack on our police officers. Call it what you want, say it's because of police brutality, it's because they have been militarized, they are all racist.... It has been an attack nonetheless. Against officers who have never had a complaint filed against them. Outstanding citizens, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends...
remembering the fallen

It has been an ambush. Officers murdered issuing warrants. Officers killed on traffic stops. Officers executed while sitting in their squad car. So far in 2015, we have lost 47 in the United States. 

I do not know how to make you understand how this feels. As a member of this blue family, EVERY time we lose an officer, we all grieve. It could have been us. Do you know how many times in a week my husband arrests people? How many times he pulls them over? How many times he is seated in his cruiser? 
At least four nights and 3 afternoons a week, I sit at home alone with my four children and worry. I pray and I know God is with me, but I am still afraid. You don't go into a marriage with a cop lightly. There are things we discuss that others don't. We all have been prepared for that call. Except it won't be a call. An officer who is a good friend of my husband's will come to my door and he'll have that look. He'll be distraught. His brother has been killed. And I'll step out on my porch, and pull the door behind me in order to shield my children from the pain. To give them a few extra minutes before they are fatherless. 

Morbid? A little. Paranoid? A lot. Honest? Totally. I try to avoid the thoughts and the dreams and many nights I do well. Until I fall asleep. Then I cannot stop the nightmares. They come fast and hard and are always the same. I get a knock on my door in the middle of the night....

We have quit watching the news. I do not want my children terrified to watch him go. Now they are proud. It's cool to have a police dad! He has a taser and his car lights up! He tells funny stories of catching the silly bad guys who thought they could fool the police! He's great!

I am at a loss. I do not want sympathy. None of us do. I don't want you to understand, because you cannot. I want you to be MAD. I want you to share the stories of murdered officers because if you don't, no one will. I want you to make it impossible to forget about the mother that was gunned down today. The day before she brought her new baby home from the hospital. A new baby she had way too early and that she has worried over and cried about, all while continuing to work. A new baby who will NOT REMEMBER HER MOTHER. 

I have had several people tell me they would never know about these deaths if I did not post them. That angers me more than anything. Did their lives not matter because they chose this? They signed up to enforce the law so it was to be expected.  The thing is, these men and women DID know what they were signing up for. And they did it anyway. 

They signed up for missing Christmas and birthdays. They signed up for little pay and terrible benefits. They signed up to be spit on and cursed at and hit. They signed up to be a target. It says a lot about their character, don't you think?

Paul Harvey says it better than I ever could. 

As I type this, I alternate between tears and teeth gritting anger. I want you to get it but I cannot make you understand. I think that military families get it. Their men and women die everyday and it barely makes a blurb on the news. Pitiful. 

Do you want to know how you can help me? Share their stories.  Share this post. Tell others of their sacrifice. Attend police memorials. Give them a hug if you see them at work. It means a lot. And it doesn't cost a penny. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday's Musings: OFFENDED

Monday's Musings are more serious than Thursday's Thoughts. Just things I am pondering...

In America, we are in the business of being offended. Entire TV shows and "news" programs are about other people's hateful comments or opinions. It may be that way all over the world, but I only live here, and I hate to assume things. Heaven knows, I might OFFEND someone.

Any channel on TV, any social media venue, any gossip at work all seems to stem from people being OFFENDED. And frankly, I do not understand.

Your mom says something to you that hurts, go ahead, Get OFFENDED. Your best friend questions the way your children are raised? OFFENDED to the max. Someone you work with says your marriage is a fraud. Heaven help the amount of OFFENSE you will take.

These are all legit reasons to find OFFENSE. I get it. People who know you should be careful not to hurt your feelings or to phrase things tactfully. Manners make the world go round.

However, when some blogger you do not know, says she thinks homeschoolers are stupid, why the crap do you care? When an atheist website calls Christians delusional idiots, why do you get mad? When your co-worker's husband's great-aunt's 3rd cousin says she thinks 150 pounds is obese, and you tip the scales at 165, why worry about it? These people do not know you. They are just running their mouths to get attention. And when you get OFFENDED, they win,

Now I know we are all guilty of it, myself included. In the last year, a mom blogger wrote an article heavily criticizing those of us who choose to make fun of our kids when they throw fits. And I responded with this. I was fired up. When someone gets on social media and calls all cops worthless pigs, I have responded with vigor. But when I sit and think of these things, why am I wasting my time? I will not change their minds. Perhaps I will only make them more determined to spread their beliefs. So lately, I have been trying to keep my OFFENSE to a minimum.

I think we could all benefit from this. I know people who get OFFENDED for other people. What? Chill out. My favorite is when we get OFFENDED for someone and they are all " What? I don't care, that doesn't even bother me".

I think we are worried people will think we are callous or cowards if we do not always defend ourselves. But what are we defending? Our sense of pride? We need to value ourselves and our decisions enough to quit getting aggravated when peons who sit behind computer screens comment on things they know nothing about.

Maybe I am OFFENDING some of you. So be it. I am working on growing a thicker skin and letting things slide off my back. It is actually pretty nice to scroll past the post that screams hatred without commenting. It doesn't mean I think they are right. It means I don't think they are worth my time.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The comfity blankets

We are a family of blanket lovers. Comforters, afghans, quilts, name it, we have it. I have always loved blankets. They are like memories to me. I see my multi-colored chevron and I picture Gramae's living room. I lie under my beautiful wedding quilt and I think of our gorgeous day. I see the raggedy pink and green striped fleece and I can smell Jojo's baby scent. They are better than pictures.

We have quite a few. Jeremy and I each had some of our own and when we got married, we began to acquire more. Then our kids came and everyone gave them the most beautiful ones.  When people are cleaning out their clutter and there is a blanket involved I always take it. Always. We sleep with them, take them outside and picnic, travel with them, and keep them in the car for those nights when the kiddos will fall asleep on the way home. And if someone in this house shares his or her blanket with you? Well that is high praise my friend. High praise. At any given time during the day, each bed has at least 3, the couches 2, and each of us is somewhere wrapped in one. Especially when it is this cold.

When Jo began to talk, she had funny words for lots of things, but my all time favorite is "comfity". As in "No I need my soft blanket. It's more comfity than that one". I love it! It is so much more descriptive than comfortable, soft,'s exactly what a blanket should be- comfity

This year we have all fallen in love with microfiber, ultra soft blankets. Jeremy got one first, followed by Lainey's red one from Grandma, then Jo got a Frozen one from Nana. Mandy bought me this super luxurious black model that I refuse to share. Then Deuce ended up with Green Bay and  UK blankets. Poor Kiki was left out until I found one at Kroger on clearance Sunday. It's a silver gray and is very plush.

I never appreciate being wrapped in their warmth more than in the winter. I hate being cold and some of the meds I am on make me feel even colder. So it's nice to have something comfity in every room.

This is sort of a rambling post, but I felt led to express our love of blankets. Post a pic of your favorite one! Here are some of ours:

Friday, February 13, 2015

To my boy, on his tenth birthday

Dear Deuce,
    Well. That sure flew by! You are ten buddy! Two whole hands. A decade. I cannot believe it.
    When we found out you were on the way, you have never seen two people more happy. Then we saw that you were a boy and our joy doubled. On a chilly Valentine's morning, right after Daddy headed to work (of course) you decided to start trying to come into this world. And nineteen hours later, you did.
   You were perfection. You didn't much like to sleep but you were a good, happy baby. You grew and before we knew it, you were the big brother to THREE sisters. Sorry about that;)
    I used to worry to death about you. Overcome with shyness, you had a hard time making friends. Driven by worry, you were afraid to have fun. We all worked through it and I had gotten used to the idea that you would always stick close to Mommy.
     But wow, son! What a change you have made this year. You are so outgoing! You love your basketball team and your co-op boys and your scout troop and the kids in swim class. You walk into the room or court or pool, away from me, without a backwards glance. You ask to spend the night with your cousin. It makes this mama so proud of you because I know how much courage it took to get to this point.
     I love who you are so much now. You and I have a good time, mainly because I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy:) We like the same music, share a love for history, and are sports freaks. We are closer than ever, even as you grow and stretch your wings.
    I love how every time you sink a basket or do a dive or speak an entire sentence in Spanish, you look at me for a thumbs up and grin that gorgeous (and expensive) smile of yours. I love how kind you are to boys way younger than you, playing with them and laughing. I love that you are starting to like girls and talk about it with me. (Yes, Winona Ryder IS really pretty in Edward Scissorhands. Sorry bud, she's too old for you). I love that you eat like someone who weighs in at a buck fifty when you only top the scales at sixty. I love that all your friends call you "Doooooooos" and you give them the head nod, complete with the long hair bang flip. Most of all I love that you are so much like your daddy. He's a great guy. You'd do well to grow up to be like him.

We are so blessed to call you ours and I am so thrilled God gave me you. Because he did. He plopped you right into my arms on February 14, 2005 and you were and will always be the best Valentine's Day gift this girl could ask for.

                             Love, Mom

PS: Just remember, God loves you, ice cream fixes all, and Louisville is the enemy;)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

FINALLY!!! I am writing a Thursday's Thoughts. I remember back in the good ole days when I never skipped a Thursday and now, this is my first TT since LAST APRIL! Can we all say SLACKER?

~ I am going to go ahead and get the first topic out of the way: The Cheating LYING PIECE OF CRAP Patriots and their new "scandal". As much as I want Tom Brady to have something to do with this (and trust me, I do) I doubt he even knew. I do not think anyone in America besides Colts fans thought that the NE Pats would lose, at home, to Indianapolis. However, it wears me out that IF they are proven guilty, the get slapped with a fine and la-di-da can play in the Super Bowl. I know, I know, how would the NFL fix it? Who would go in their place? But still.
~ I am flipping freezing right now. I have on thick socks, fleece legging, yoga pants, t-shirt, hooded sweater, and my robe. Speaking of my sweater, the sleeves on it are long and come to my fingers. I like that in a sweater/sweatshirt. Makes me happy.
~ I have pretty much kept from complaining about this winter and I will continue to do so unless something crazy happens. This winter is way more mild than last. We are getting sunshiney, gorgamous days. I shall not whine.
~ My kids all got Kindles for Christmas. Sometimes, when I need a break, I ignore how long they have been on them. They have headphones so they are all so very quiet. Bliss I tell you. Pure Bliss,
~ My son will be TEN in a few weeks and I am freaking out.
how is he ten?? wasn't he born a couple of years ago?
~ My Christmas decorations are still up and I could care less
~ Blake Shelton is on Jimmy Fallon tonight and Kiki is SO excited. She loves him. Watch out Erin, she is trying to steal your man.
~ My son has discovered Pearl Jam and I could not be more thrilled. If I don't do anything else right in life, at least he will have good taste in music
~ My husband is on first shift for the next couple of weeks and I loathe it. Blah
~I want to start making t-shirts for people with random sayings on them that they think are funny but not many other people would get. For example, mine would say "What the HELL kind of devil bird tweets at night?" and my husband's would say "You messed up my yawn". Deuce's would say "Gary Kermis", Kiki's "You can say what the heck is that, but you CANNOT say what the hell", Lainey's "I like everything red except Loserville (that's my girl) and Jo's "BARTHF". Inside jokes are the best. What would your shirt say? B's would be "Well Turn me Green and call Me Pea Pod". Mandi's "Fug Ed Uh Bug Uh Dit"..... I could do this for days. 
~ I have gotten myself addicted to Restaurant Story, Bakery Story, and Survivors. Stupid games with stupid quests and challenges. But I can't stop. Can. Not. 
~TLC (which I guess should call themselves TC, but whatever) will be touring with NKOTB. Mama and her Core Passel will be attending. We are just working out which city and date to choose. 
~ Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins is my spouse's and mine favorite flavor ever, And we both decided that years before we met so HELLO!! Destiny much?
~ I have a beach vacay planned!!!! WOOHOO!
That's all I have for now. What about you? Thoughts?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Omelets

I am going to try and do a recipe on Tuesdays. Mainly because when I sit down to blog, my mind draws a blank (let's face it, my mind is in a blank state 87% of every day. Stinking kids). So, if I have a different theme for each day, when I find the time to blog, it narrows down my choices. So there you have it...

Omelets may seem like a stupid recipe because they sound simple. But they are not, especially when you are making 6-8. I have been trying several methods and this one works best for me.

Let's start with the egg mixture. I like my eggs fluffy so when I make an omelet, I put eggs (3 for adults, 2 for kids), 2 Tbsp milk, 1 tsp onion powder, a pinch of salt and 2 tsp Frank's hot sauce into a blender. I run it for a minute and I have my egg "batter", if you will. (even if you won't, I'm calling it batter. YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME)
Next you need a good pan. This is my trusty Pampered Chef pan. I love PC. I have never gotten anything from them that is not totally worth the price. They last forever. This sucker is 13 years old!! 
Now, you add whatever it is you use to grease the pan. I use a half pat of butter and a tsp full of bacon grease ( I never claimed these were low fat). When those melt, pick up the pan and roll it around to spread it so you won't have sticking problems.
Then you have your prep work. I usually use whatever we have leftover in the fridge. On this day it was sausage, ham, sweet peppers, shredded cheddar, and cherry tomatoes. I go ahead and chop it all into small bits and leave it on my board. Then I ask everyone what they want in their omelet. 
I saute the veggies until they are tender and lightly browned. Then I put them back on my board. 
I pour in my egg batter into my pan and swirl it around so it is evenly distributed. This is more fun if your pretend you are hula hooping while doing it. Keep letting the edge set and then putting your spatula under it to let more egg run under until it is soft in the middle but not runny. Then add your fillings. 

Lift one edge and let it fall into the middle of the pan.
Then, slide it onto the plate. Sometimes, if I am lucky if folds over on itself all pretty. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to fold it over. It isn't as pretty, but it tastes the same. 

Do you have any omelet recipes you have tried that are delicious? Share! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

38 on my 38th!

This has become a tradition of sorts for me. I post a number of things about me, correlating with my age in years. I know, it IS hard to believe I am 38, what with my youthful glow and positive outlook on life, but alas, I am, Enjoy!

1)I have been forced to eat salad for lunch because we have nothing else at home that goes together that I can eat. I hate eating salad in the winter.
2) I love pop.
3) We have 2 trees up and they both look like a bunch of kids threw every Christmas thing we had on them. Oh wait, that is what happened
4) I love all the FB posts and texts about my birthday. Y'all are the best!
5) My Mother-in-law is cooking supper for me tonight and I am super excited because she is making me salmon patties. I love them but can't seem to make them like she does.
6) I started watching Firefly and OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT!! Nathan Fillion is simply the best. Ever,
I loved him on One Life to Live and I still love him on Castle.
7) I had this Mary Kay Honeydew Satin Hands set from when we sold it on the summer. I generally hate honeydew smells, but I love this one and they don't make it anymore and it makes me sad.
8) We are doing this new thing where we give our kids all of their assignments and tell them it has to be done by a certain time and if it's not, then they get NO technology the rest of the night. It happened last night and I thought they would die. So today they are working like crazy so that they can see Paul McCartney on Jimmy Fallon.
9) I have no candy in my house and that's a crime on my birthday.
10) I am 2 years away from 40 and several people have asked me if it freaks me out. It doesn't. I love my birthday. And as long as I am getting older, I am here to enjoy them and that makes me happy
11) Seriously, I would probably not make it without pop. And candy.
12) I am always cold and I do not like it. Stinking medicine
13) I would totally winter at the beach if we could afford to have 2 places. I'd be the happiest little snowbird ever
14) I have had 3 different people contact me this week because they are thinking about home schooling and want some info. My evil plan for homeschoolers to rule the world is working. Bwah ha ha ha!

15) My kids are reading the story of Esther. Hands down my favorite story in the Bible.
16) I love presents and I get some more tonight!!
17) We bought our kids new Kindle Fires this year for Christmas. We also got me them Amazon Prime. Besides the small toy, candy, toothbrush, piece of fruit, and drawing pencils they are getting in their stockings, that's their only present from us. It is so nice to have it simple and DONE. And they will be thrilled because they do not have to share. And I am thrilled because I can take it away when they are bad.
18) Now that Jo is five she looks and acts older and I am not fond of this at all. 
19) I am horrible at remembering to go to the post office. 
20) Mandy got me the softest blanket in the world and my whole family wants to steal it but I won't share at all
21) So far this winter has not been nearly as bad as last winter and I will be thankful for every week that has at least one day in it where my kids can go out and play. 
22) Deuce has only missed one UK home basketball game this season and he is now the stats expert on the players
23) Speaking of UK, Willie Cauley- Stein is my favorite player
24) Since we are talking sports, Green Bay better step it up. Also, still hate the Patriots with the Ravens at a close second. 

once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat
25) My feet are freezing so I am going to put on my new thick Carhart socks my littlest girls gave me for my birthday!
26) I am stuck. This is weird, I really like to talk about myself. *taps foot*
27) Diesel really needs his nails cut but they are so thick and his quicks are long and I am afraid to hurt him. Anyone have experience with that thing that files them instead of cutting?
28) The hubs and I are going on a date tomorrow night, sans children. YAY US!

29) Kiki just said "Ewww! She is like 20 and she just had to marry an old dude! I am SO glad I don't live in Bible times" 
30) I took a nap yesterday after supper and it was heavenly
31) Sometimes I think I should take up piano playing again, but then I realize we don't have the extra money to buy a piano OR the space to put one
32) I really like our Bob Jones English and Reading curriculums and our kids do too
33) I wonder what dessert I will get tonight for my birthday???
34) Deuce sits on the wood floor with his feet flat and his knees up by his ears when he does schoolwork. It hurts my joints just looking at him
35) My kids have gotten along REALLY well this past month *knocks on wood* It makes me happy
36) After I finish up Firefly and the Serenity movie, we are moving on to Dr. Who. And it better be amazing the way you people talk about it. 

38) I have one pointy vampire tooth

That's all folks!!